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FRG /  Worldwide 2016* March 19th

Saturday, March 2, 2002

Free English translation on 9 August 2021.

Order of your Empress

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Clergy! 

Dear Lordships! 2016*

Your Empress would like to request you before the Easter season to visit the popular arko-stores completely, in order to look there please the Easter bunnies and Easter figures carefully.

You will please take enough people to purchase from your own money the Easter goods that do not belong within the reach of your "sheep".

The golden Easter bunnies with the bell of Lindt you will let transport please cooled there, where they belong; to Africa, India, Asia and everywhere there, where daily children must fight from hunger for their life.

If food is already packed in gold here, then it is the carte de visite of a nation.

Some of the Africans will have to understand that people in the civilized world are sickened by over-civilization, over-abundance, world weariness and the resulting divilment.

Please also have Milka's Purple Milk Bunnies and Easter Eggs removed from sale and also give these products to the right places.

With best wishes for the holidays, 

Happy Easter

The Children's Surprise Eggs that you will no doubt be familiar with are also a nice idea especially for the Easter season, but they can be dangerous for little children as a hammer may one day come out of such an egg!

P. p. Empress

HP: 2016* It becomes now however the very highest time for a fair redistribution of the food and for an immediate measure of the basic supply particularly the children to provide, as already 14 years ago communicated.