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Fairy Tales in the Nuclear Age

Fairy tales don't always have to end well.....

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Cleft-Children's Aid

Professor Herman Sailer Foundation / CO

Attn: Mr. Gerhard Meyer

Hornfield 53

D-33729 Bielefeld

Luebeck, March 30, 2016

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Let a Miracle come true! / Your Letter dated March 24, 2016


Dear Mr. G. Meyer, Dear Dr. G. Glöckle, Dear Sirs, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your illustrated letters, in which man is confronted with reality, have not yet lost their effect on me.

In the neighborhood of my childhood, in the Rumpelstilzchenweg, in the fairy tale settlement in Lubeck-Moisling, on the III.* floor, a small boy also had a cleft -and palate jaw and it was said that for this reason he should be operated on later on.

Unlike the children listed in your letter, he could probably eat and drink on his own.

If it were in my power, I would make a miracle happen, but it might be too early for miracles, at least in India.

Moreover, this power could only be borne out by a man, which can be seen from the conclusion of the Bible "Revelation".

My person knows the way to possible miracles, but the highly complicated connections can't be grasped by my mind anymore, what could still be possible for certain persons, though.

Also a predetermined doctor is known to me in this regard, however, I could not memorize him since he is not practicing anymore. It could even be that he is no longer alive.

The whole matter is connected with a highly complicated construction and/ or reconstruction in the matter and commission of the Lord, which I do not like to broadcast via satellite.

As far as your daily work is concerned, I would like to advise or rather order you and your whole circle of colleagues worldwide very urgently to take care that all these "special" people, who are marked with a handicap or otherwise with any strange "stories" already in the womb, like the recent head deformations caused by a certain mosquito, what occurred especially in Latin America, or a pregnancy caused by a rape, no matter by whom and what, are not aborted in any single case.

There is nothing left to lose; one can only gain, since we are already in the end of the history of time.

Possibly your Authorities have done their work too well to notice that the end is not long in coming.

For this reason, exclusively those children or adolescents who cannot stay alive or cannot live without medical art, should receive immediate help from you as surgeons, where certainly "improvements will be made", I am quite sure.

I hope that you will receive the funds for your work through various sponsors.

The advertisement of the national lottery income Gloeckle OHG came likewise together with your post office, so that I will send this letter also to Mr. Dr. Gerd Gloeckle, in that the Jackpot, which exceeds 1 million euro, of each lottery must be used world-wide accordingly for the administration of mankind. 

Every millionaire or billionaire has to take care of a project as an administrator in the near future and will be called to account for this administration work, also there I am quite sure!

The way for a possible and livable future for all must be prepared, but nevertheless it will come to a (shattering) end connected with a new beginning.

So I remain with friendly greetings,

Ursula Sabisch

HP: The document was slightly changed for certain reasons, improved in the expression and/ or shortened.