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Christmas letter 2017

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Business plan



Dear Readers, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Each developing country of Africa and Asia needs a planning for both the statement of cost and the implementation in the matter.

The basic requirement is the indispensable intervention into the cultures and traditions of Africa and Asia however, has not a lot in common with a conversion by missionary work for the time being, but with a turn in the contemporary history, which also involves an unique fairy tale what can become true.

Moreover, pantries must be set up for each state worldwide and be filled well for the case of emergency or be refilled by the regular exchange with food, because the environmental disasters will increase worldwide and the bill may pay not only the developing countries, if no fault of these countries is given.

If for example some rulers of Africa refuse to cooperate by disallow an infrastructure and a highly sophisticated culture for the respective country, a fault of these rulers is given when by the lacking independent care of the respective population widespread deaths take place, because real help of other states, which was bound to basic terms, was rejected by these rulers.

Since there is no fair punishment for widespread deaths of the population concerning this on earth, nevertheless, for such a ruler or a grouping of a dictatorial state it is only to be hoped that such creatures are unplaced by the colossal area; otherwise it must be arranged for the fact to seize these called creatures and to starve they to death, if the danger of widespread deaths of the population should have been recognised, so that for the people on time assistance can be given.

Corruption must be excluded in future, because no money and no weapons may in principle not get in the wrong hands. Every present ruler and every present mass murderer gets the big chance to fit into the matter and commission of OUR all Lord and Creator with his possibilities, while an accordingly high consideration must be given back, which could possibly go beyond the grave what also has validity accordingly for other people.

The basic element for the business plan already exists, however, is not yet in the circulation, because the basic element must be checked and be approved at least by King J..

Ursula Sabisch

 Luebeck, 18th of December, 2017

HP.: Please remember all people whose have got the possibility and the duty as an administrator of an estate saving life and taking care for the turn of contemporary events by the multi-million-dollar-amounts or multi-billion-dollar-amounts.

Please do not forget that without any a chancellor* (her Clavator)** of Empress there is no way for a business plan of her person!

February 2018/  August 2021**